New Episodes, Festival Premiere--The Stay-At-Home Dad is Killin' It Lately
Saturday, October 16, 2010 at 09:45PM
Adam Jones

Since the last posting, The Stay-At-Home Dad has been a busy boy. We've launched two new episodes entitled 'Audacity of Myth: Part II' (co-starring Larry Ballard and Amy Raudenbush) and 'Ass From the Past' (co-starring Christina Craig and Matty Gallagher). Both shot up into the top five in three days. Collectively the first three episodes are nearing 200 thousand views. Its so fun to watch the horsie run run run.

Besides the web, our 'pilot' version of TSAHD premiered last Thursday at the Portsmouth Music Hall/NH Film Festival to a nice crowd of a few hundred who literally cackled the entire time. Laughter doesn't lie, and people laughed so much, well--it made us very happy. Very happy. After the screening, Adam Jones (Director), Trevor Herrick (Producer), and Alan Bendich (Actor) fielded a few questions for an enthusiasticly offended audience. One woman asked Adam, 'So do you have a problem looking at yourself in the mirror after what you've made?' To which Adam responded, 'Thanks, that's a valid question and the answer is no. On the contrary it's liberating to celebrate the ID in a guy's head, to say the things he could never say.' Then she thanked us.



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