Why The Milk Men Should Be Your MSP

Managed IT Service Providers can be an excellent way of significantly developing your IT systems in a cost effective way.

Why outsourcing your IT makes sense for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

In today’s digital age where technology is advancing rapidly, a strong IT infrastructure is an essential component for all business. But when resources are limited both in terms of financial and people power, IT can sometimes fall to the back of the priority list for many small businesses. But by not prioritising your IT infrastructure, are you missing out on an opportunity?

Managed IT Service Providers can be an excellent way of significantly developing your IT systems in a cost effective way.

What exactly is a Managed IT Service Provider?

MSP’s provide a fully managed IT service. This is a comprehensive IT solution that takes responsibility for managing all aspects of your company’s IT infrastructure and operations, which includes monitoring and maintaining your hardware, software and networks, providing data storage systems in the cloud, technical support, security and backup services.

Why An MSP Makes sense

For many small and medium businesses employing a full time IT specialist simply wouldn’t make sense. In most cases there wouldn’t be the workload to support a full time position and financially the cost of getting the specialist skillset would be too expensive. Outsourcing to an MSP offers all the support required, but at a fraction of the cost. Here are some of the main reasons why outsourcing could benefit your business:

  1. Cost-Effective Solution
    • One of the most significant benefits of working with an IT MSP is that it is very cost-effective for your business. Employing IT specialists within your organisation can be expensive, and depending on the scale of the business may not be required as a full time resource. Outsourcing this function gives you more flexibility and access to a larger and more experienced team.
  2. 24/7 Support
    • IT issues can arise at any time, and downtime can be costly for businesses. At The Milk Men we provide 24/7 support and monitoring to ensure that if any issues should arise, we are able to resolve them quickly.
  3. Strategic Planning
    • Flipping the mindset of IT being a cost versus an investment can significantly change the strategic planning of your business. Our role is not just to be a helpdesk at the end of the telephone line, our purpose is to actively be part of your organisation, have a seat around the table for key decisions and help you to use IT to drive efficiency in processes. In many cases that has actually created cost savings for organisations across the business and significantly helped to reduce overall IT costs.
  4. Cybersecurity
    • Unfortunately, cybersecurity is an ever present topic and threat for all businesses as attack rates rise year on year globally. At The Milk Men, we have the expertise and resources to implement cybersecurity measures that protect against threats such as malware, phishing attacks and ransomware. As part of our service, we will provide you with regular security assessments and training to ensure that your employees are aware of potential threats and know how to respond to them should they arise.
  5. Scalability
    • As businesses grow, their IT needs change. Working with an IT managed service provider can give you the scalability of support to suit your business at that time. At The Milk Men we can easily add or remove services as you need them, ensuring that you only pay for what you need.
  6. Expertise
    • In a world where expertise and experience are valuable assets, employing the skillset you need to support your organisation can be too expensive for many small to medium businesses. You then also have the additional costs of recruitment, training, HR, holiday and sickness cover. Outsourcing your It function to an MSP takes away all of those issues. Using an MSP in most cases can give you access to a high calibre of expertise, around the clock support, experience across many organisations and sectors, new ideas, access to wider innovation and at less cost.

Overall, engaging a managed IT service provider can help small and medium-sized businesses optimize their IT infrastructure, reduce costs, and focus on their core business activities, while benefiting from the expertise and resources of seasoned IT professionals.

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