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5 New Episodes in the Can for It's The Stay-At-Home Dad/Sacked! Coming in April...

Thanks to all for a great shoot. Brandon got slapped, punched, kicked in the groin, humiliated, and oh--knocked out by Kevin 'Dot Com'/'Downtown' Brown (30 Rock). What fun these will be to cut. Great cast, great crew, and an amazing location at Floyd Bennett Airfield in Brooklyn. Look for us on




2 Million Views Later, The Stay-At-Home Dad on Continues to Build Momentum

With two seasons and 17 episodes in only 6 months, The Stay-At-Home Dad on continues to tickle. Brandon's antics have culminated with our "Holiday Nuts" special co-starring George Wendt (Cheers, Fletch) as Brandon's domineering father-in-law.

No telling what season three/2011 will bring for The SAHD and The Milkmen. We've got 2 new projects in the works to satiate the fans we've won over with this character. Thanks to all who've tuned in, posted, reposted, facebooked and told their friends with old-fashioned word-of-mouth. There's more to come!


New Episodes, Festival Premiere--The Stay-At-Home Dad is Killin' It Lately

Since the last posting, The Stay-At-Home Dad has been a busy boy. We've launched two new episodes entitled 'Audacity of Myth: Part II' (co-starring Larry Ballard and Amy Raudenbush) and 'Ass From the Past' (co-starring Christina Craig and Matty Gallagher). Both shot up into the top five in three days. Collectively the first three episodes are nearing 200 thousand views. Its so fun to watch the horsie run run run.

Besides the web, our 'pilot' version of TSAHD premiered last Thursday at the Portsmouth Music Hall/NH Film Festival to a nice crowd of a few hundred who literally cackled the entire time. Laughter doesn't lie, and people laughed so much, well--it made us very happy. Very happy. After the screening, Adam Jones (Director), Trevor Herrick (Producer), and Alan Bendich (Actor) fielded a few questions for an enthusiasticly offended audience. One woman asked Adam, 'So do you have a problem looking at yourself in the mirror after what you've made?' To which Adam responded, 'Thanks, that's a valid question and the answer is no. On the contrary it's liberating to celebrate the ID in a guy's head, to say the things he could never say.' Then she thanked us.




The Stay-At-Home Dad Launches New Season of Episodes on

Ten new episodes are set to roll out exclusively on this fall with a cast of hilarious co-stars. The first episode entitled "Eat My Meat" co-starring Julia Haubner as a preachy vegan mom launched on Wednesday the 29th and quickly shot into the Top 5 videos on the site.

The Stay-At-Home Dad is already getting the attention of some of the 'DaddyBlogs'... writes, "entertaining stuff for anyone who has ever felt estranged and vaguely emasculated by the pressure of socializing nicely all day in a world of moms. In the vast sewer of shitty dad content out there, The Stay-At-Home Dad stands apart. It makes fun of all the things we as parents are not supposed to talk about. Actually its more of an anti-pc show seen through the eyes of a stay at home dad." writes, "I have to say I laughed out loud, but then asked myself should I be laughing. And that's comedy. It makes fun of all the things we as parents are not supposed to talk about. The show has the comedic timing and writing and willingness to make fun of parenting a la 30 rock." writes, "But best of all, it portrays an At-Home Dad that's neither some sort of lame, emasculated super-Dad, nor a bumbling all-thumbs idiot. The Dad in the show is just kind of a surly a-hole. And although he's certainly not the typical At-Home Dad, he might be that Dad we secretly feel like in the back of our minds...Until they do an episode where it's supposed to be funny because he can't change a diaper, I'm going to give it the thumbs up." writes, "We know there are too many stereotypes out there about Stay-At-Home Dads.  What happens when a humorous stay-at-home dad decides to create a comedy to poke fun at the role? Well, you might agree that you shouldn't like these video clips...but, come on, they are really hilarious!"

We have a lot more where that came from. The Stay-At-Home Dad is just gettin' warmed up.



The Stay-At-Home Dad Short Film to Premiere at New Hampshire Film Fest

The NHFF is in celebrating it's 10th year October 14th-17th. With over 900 submissions, we're happy to be in the mix for what will be the first public screening of our 'short film' version of The Stay-At-Home Dad. The Milkmen will be in full effect at the Music Hall for our screening the evening of Oct. 14th at the Music Hall in Portsmouth, NH. Black Escalades, showgirls, and lots of Jim Beam in our sippy cups that night I tellya.

Thanks to Nicole Gregg and Deb Barry and all the NHFF folks for the selection.