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Stay-At-Home Dad Season II shoot in Tribeca, NYC a Success

Thanks to all cast and crew who dedicated their work and support to The Milkmen yesterday. Together we helped Brandon tackle diffucult issues like same-sex artificial insemination and self-righteous daddy-bloggers. The first episodes will roll out on in about a week. Stay tuned...




Brandon Williams' Teleplay Selected for the 2010 New York Television Festival

Out of 900 submissions, our own Brandon Williams' script, entitled Prick, was one of only 25 selected to this years NYTVF Fox Comedy Script Contest.

Prick centers around Merrick, an over-stimulated, womanizing, provocateur/photographer who sleeps his way around the world photographing beautiful models for men's magazines. Merrick's misogynistic douche-baggery is reminiscent of The Stay-At-Home Dad--except he's single, childless, and surrounded by the bling of high fashion and jet-setting.

The winning script gets a $25,000 prize and a development deal with Fox. Either way we are proud of our Milkbrother, and we look forward to bringing Merrick's character and Prick to the screen very soon. The script can be downloaded to read HERE.





International Premiere of The Stay-At-Home Dad in Geneva, Switzerland--Cinema Tous Encrans

The Stay-At-Home Dad will have it's international premiere in the first festival we've submitted to. The 16th annual Cinema Tous Encrans in Geneva November 1-7th is a progressive, multi-media festival with a "New Screens" category that includes webisodes and mobisodes from 20 countries. We are happy to be in the mix, and are busily working on subtitling our tomfoolery into French. 


Marie Claire magazine calls us "sidesplitting"

When we heard there'd be a piece on NBC's Today Show August 9th about Stay-At-Home Dads (WATCH), obviously it piqued our interest. Matt Lauer profiled a real SAHD and his 'alpha mom' wife, then interviewed the editor-in-chief of Marie Claire Magazine (who I swear is the spitting image of a smoking hot Helen Mirren) in which a feature article appears in the September issue that sites our show as "sidesplitting". Seems our show goes beyond dude humor titillating the fairer sex as well.

Thanks to Hilary Stout who penned the piece which can be read here.

"But across the country, their situation is becoming more common: In the recent recession, three men lost their jobs for every one woman that did, and as a result, this year, for the first time ever, women make up the majority of the workforce. Four in 10 mothers are now their households' primary breadwinners, and an estimated 143,000 unemployed fathers of children under 15 are caring for the kids full time while their wives work. lists 148 support groups around the country; MTV's lineup includes "Stay at Home Dad," a side-splitting Web show about an acerbic househusband; and confessional blogs abound, with names like Rebel Dad and Dudes on Diapers. Speaking of, Pampers — which in a recent survey found that 69 percent of fathers say they change diapers as much as their wives — has started targeting male consumers, hiring New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees as a spokesman."



More Devious Stay At Home Dads making the rounds

Here is a post from a kindred spirit of ours, an instructional on how to get drunk at your kid's birthday party... there are more of us out there it seems:

 How to Get Drunk at a Children’s Birthday Party

Posted 8/5/2010 by Deadbeat Dad

If you’re like me you love a good party. I think it was Buddha, or Charlie Sheen who once said, “Have a good time, all the time.” I subscribe to that philosophy as well. Christmas, Yom Kippur, Flag Day, 4/20, Kwanza, Take Your Daughter to Work Day, it’s all ripe for getting down. And now that you’re a new father, your children have replaced any social life you used to have with a host of birthday parties and other tedious crap meant to approximate some portion of the awesome life you used to lead. More...