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Stay-At-Home Dads Are Hot Topic on Today

Funny the day I'm promoting The Stay-At-Home Dad on NPR, publishes this article, written by a SAHD, with some funny bits of racism and emasculation mixed in...just our style!


Listen to Stay-At-Home Dad's director Adam Jones' NPR Interview

Today's appearance on NHPR's Word of Mouth was a blast. Thanks to Virginia Prescott and Avishay Artsy for a great chat about our show. Here's the podcast (about 6 minutes long).



The Stay-At-Home Dad nearing a MILLION views

Our viewcount is through the roof, and certain folks can't help but notice. Besides HuffingtonPost and NPR, we're now getting cold-called by development people from Hollywood. We Milkmen know this character and this show is destined for something greater... onward and upward! We can't wait to see what's next.


Stay-At-Home Dad Director on NHPR Wednesday 7/21

Tune in tomorrow at 12:30 Eastern Time to hear Adam Jones, director of the Stay-At-Home Dad, on NH Public Radio's show Word of Mouth with Virginia Prescott. 


We've made it to HuffPost!

This is truly awesome! We are so greatful.

The Huffington Post | via Andrew ShapterHuff Post contributor, filmmaker 

Stay-at-home dads are becoming more and more common in the Great Recession and this guy gives them a bad name. Meet Brandon, a 37 year old that just lost his job at the Commodities Exchange to a computer. He's a Stay-At-Home Dad who can't seem to censor himself. He's a maternal misfit who manages to offend his fellow moms again and again--from a mixed- marriage mom, to a mother of four, to MILFs. This new web series on is a guilty pleasure of social inappropriateness starring Brandon Williams. Created by The Milkmen.





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